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Joshua M. Wilson was born in Illinois in September of 1993. He started singing as a little boy and hasn't stopped! He sang with his family first and has branched out from there. This American Christian singers' voice is very versatile, so he sings well on his own as well as in a group. He started traveling and performing in churches in his senior year. Since then he has been asked to sing at graduations, weddings, youth conferences and funerals. He has been accused of having an amazing voice, but we know it is a rare gift from God. His recent album "He's Been There", featuring the popular songs, "God's Been Good" and "The Value of One" was released in 2012. After that he released 2 amazing singles in 2014 including "Watch the Lamb" and Laura Story's hit song "Blessings". This year he finally released the incredible Patriotic album "Tribute to the Soldiers" filled with some awesome songs including ""I Love This Land" and Fallen, Not Forgotten. He enjoys singing good, gospel hymns, as well as more traditional music. Joshua's trademark is his ability to sing a wide range of songs and never sings them the same way twice. As you have seen, his voice is clear and resonating even in live recordings. People love to listen to him sing, even if they don't typically listen to Christian music because his voice is so captivating. 
A few years ago he traveled to Trinidad and the Bahamas on missions trips and sang for them while he was there.
Personally, Joshua is enjoying his single life, working and doing what he loves most...singing! He is loved by older people because he loves and takes time for them. He has a servants' heart and loves to work with kids and teens. He isn't flashy, he is just a regular guy, with amazing talent, that God has blessed greatly because of his respect and love for his parents and people everywhere. 
He especially enjoys singing in Youth Conferences and has proven to be a wonderful example for kids everywhere of doing what is right. Above all, he loves the Lord and the passion he has for Christ explodes through his music. 
He is starting to book Fall 2014 now so call the contact number at the top of the page to schedule him.
He will surely make his way to the top quickly with the best of Christian singers!
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